Meet Scott Gatlin, South Side’s new school security officer [w/video]


You may have noticed a new face in the Tech Prep building between classes and during morning bag checks. Mr. Scott Gatlin has joined us as the new school security officer, meaning South Side students should feel even safer than they already do.

“I’m glad to be at South Side,” Gatlin said in an interview with Hawk TV’s Jaycee Butler and Cam’ron Dumas. “I’ve heard nothing but good things about this school since I’ve been here, and it’s great to be part of this family.”

Gatlin brings a lot of experience to the job. He was the dean of students at Jackson Christian School for 21 years. He left that job in 2018 and spent the next five years as the principal at Youth Town. He is a past member of the JMCSS school board.

“I started in 1982 as a classroom teacher in Missouri, and then after seven years I became a principal, and I’ve pretty much done administration all the way up until this past June,” Gatlin said. “And in June, I said I’m done being a school administrator. I’ve always had some responsibilities in school safety, and I really, really am pleased now to just be working in school safety alone.”

Gatlin will be stationed mainly in the Tech Prep building, but students will see him across campus at various times throughout the day. He joins school resource officers Deputies Fugate and Jones in keeping students safe.

“The goal is to show up every day and keep students and teachers as safe as they can be,” Gatlin said. “I’m glad to work with our SROs from the Madison County Sheriff’s Department. Pay attention, and if something doesn’t look right, go check out it. Be visible. Be where the students are, and just try to prevent any dangerous situations from happening – and if they do happen, you address them and take care of them.”

When he’s not working, Gatlin enjoys cooking and spending time with his family.

“We cook a lot out on the patio,” he said. “When I’m not cooking, I’m thinking about what I’m going to cook next, either on the grill or the griddle. My wife and I both enjoy it, and our family enjoys eating eat.”

[COVER PHOTO: Scott Gatlin is pictured in his official portrait from his time on the JMCSS school board.]